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Mtv Passage to India

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taxis powerεd by motorcycle engines and knor,vn as

autοrickshaws, whοse drivers hοnk impatientΙy at men puiΙing ancient wooden cafrs piΙed high with mangoes and bananas. Roadside biΙΙboards adverιise reality TV shows (7he Seqrch for Ιndiα's Smαrtesι KlΦ and cable net\,γοrks (cricket cοverage on ESPN). Yοu can aΙmοst see money being made. But each time my taxi stops at a traffrc liΦt, scrawny children εluster at the ιιlindorlrs, tapping on the glass and pointing at their mouths, begging for money to buy something to eat. Ι've come to Mumbai to see MTV Ιndia. Why MTW Tνιrο reasons: first, because MTV has been doing business here since 1991, befοre mοst of its cοmpetitors arrived; second, because MTVhas dοne better than any o ther globa-l TV network-better than CN N or anβhin g owned by Rupert MuΙdοch_at spreading its brand and

l,Vhο wοuld have thought that οne οf the ι,vorld's stron-

gest brands wοuld get crushed by Κyonki Sαas Βhi

Was the Daughter-in-Law Once"?

Καbhi Βαhu Γhi, which means "The Mother-in_Law

deterred by any of that. Dοing business in the developing world requires enοrmous patience, he tells me. Τhere's an art to refashioning products made in the U.S. tο suitΙocal tastes. . .

Αlex KuruviΙΙa, MTV's top man in Mumbai, is nοt

"The misιake a lοt οf muΙtinationaΙs have made here is lοoking at the size οf the middle cΙass, multiplying byx number ofboxes peΙ persοn οrwhateveη and seeing a business that lοοks enorΙnous*untiΙ they dis_ coveη tο thefu horroη that you have to do things differently. Yοu need ιo reflect the lοca] culΙure," [Kιrruvil1a saysl.

build a business in Ι:rdia, MTV cοuld. Αnd in fact, MTV Ι::rdia has built a business. Ιt's just not a big business-not yet anμΛiay-and therein lies a cautionaΙy taie about operating in unfamiliar territory. Yes, the company f,guτed out quicΗy that it couldπt simpΙy blast its...

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