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rsMule Killers by Lydia Peelle

”Mule Killers” is about a boy living on a farm.
The boy has a father, who tells him secrets containing information of the father’s youth.
The secret it told in a rather rough way, not intended to make the boy feel comfort.
The secret is about the father living with his father. And how he fell in love, but knocked up the wrong woman, to make his love jealous. And that is how the boy was born.

On the farm, feelings weren’t of something you spoke of. They were kept on the inside.
Even when the boy’s (our narrator) grandmother died, his grandfather didn’t shed a tear.
And that made an impression on the boy’s father, who is our protagonist.

The story finds place in America, probably in the southern states in the beginning of the 20th century, approximately.
The reason I think we’re in the begging of the 20th century, is because of the slaughterhouse. I believe that before the start of the industrial revolution, most animals would be slaughtered at home.

In Jim Heynen’s “Progress” we see a few similar things as is “Mule Killers”.
Just title “Progress” is similar to what happens in “Mule Killers”.
In “Mule Killers” we see how generations pass things on, but still changes are made.
On the farm where feelings weren’t allowed, a son got tired of it. He wanted to change that.
In “Progress” we also see a grandfather passing things onto youngsters.
In both scenarios progress is a positive thing. Progress in of course also a positive word.
The painting “The train passes by” from 1906 is quite the same as the two texts.
It’s in the start of the 20th century, and it is about progress and modernity.

The two texts have nothing in common.
“The ecchoing green” is a positive poem, who sees humans as a good thing in those days.
Unlike “Lady Chatterley’s lover”. The text finds humanity as a disgrace. Humans…...