Mule Killers Essay

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Essay of ''Mule Killers'' by Lydia Peelle

By growing up and entering a world of adulthood, you automatically experience both positives and negatives sides of life, you may have not known in the innocent childhood most kids have known. In “Mule Killers” by Lydia Peelle the troubles of a young man is described as well as the consequences of his actions are portrayed, and made a huge influence on the rest of his life.
Throughout a lifetime everyone face situations where one has to make choices without being able to know the consequences. Sometimes people make decisions without even being aware of it.. Some choices can have an influence on life's path and the consequences of making choices can therefore be fatal and frightening. To close a door can sometimes be the opening of another – another path in life.
In the story the father is a teenager and he is confused about growing up and at the same time he, like many teenage boys, has a difficult time expressing his feelings. This becomes evident in this paragraph: “She is going to walk out the door and leave them here to their sodas and silence. At this point my father, frantic, takes hold of the girl on the stool next to him, leans her in Eula’s direction, and kisses her recklessly, right on the mouth”. Here he has gotten himself into an uncomfortable situation because he has chosen to make Eula jealous instead of telling her how he feels. This disability has the consequence of making the pale-haired girl pregnant.
This creates huge problems, because our protagonist does not wish to marry the pregnant girl. He believes that he is in love with Eula; unfortunately this seems to be unrequitedly.
He is very ashamed of himself and finds it hard to tell his father about the pregnancy but he chooses to do it anyway, which is a choice that is going to change him. His father is a very conservative man, who follows the…...