Mule Killers

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Mule killers The story begins in media res, the narrator starts telling the story right away without an introduction. The narrator is telling a story he is being told by his father, i.e. he tells a story in the story, and therefore it has a multiple point of view. It changes between a first person narrator and a third person narrator. It is an omniscient narrator, he is a messenger used to tell the story of his father and in some places in the text there appears comments from the narrator, for example: “It doesn’t matter; I can imagine it” (ll.49). We are in that way allowed access to his thoughts. The story takes place nearby Nashville, Tennessee in the beginning of the 20th century, when the tractors replaced the mules and thereby killed them. “My father (…) has his father’s height, and he carries it apologetically” (ll.7). Since he is carrying his height apologetically, it seems as if he has a hard time to live up to his father; he is not yet able to be the man that his father is, or so he thinks. When he sees his father crying under the tree he realizes that he also has emotions. He doesn’t understand why he is crying until many years later when he is in the garden picking asparagus with his son. The father is telling his story to his son when they are in the garden, a garden that used to be the mother’s garden. Since her death no one has taken care of it and now it is described as a blasted plot where nothing can grow, except for the asparagus. The garden could be a symbol of the Garden of Eden, which has been forgotten more or less as well, because of the development that has happened in society. The only thing that is able to grow in the garden is the asparagus, even though the garden has been ruined and no one has taken care of it, they are still growing there. The asparagus symbolizes the unchangeable, no matter what happens in the society and no matter…...