Mule Killers

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Mule killers
As time passes so does people. A man and a woman form a family, and hope their children get children. But the tricky thing about families is when; there is a gap between the generations. Then people more often than not, are having a hard time trying to understand one and other. Such a dilemma is shown to us in Mule Killers by Lydia Peelle. In this story a test of the morals is shown, given the two generations different view on a problem.

In this story our protagonist is our narrator’s father. The story takes place, when the father was young, but is being told to our narrator, when the father, has grown older. So the story takes place when the father is eighteen years-old. He is working on his father’s farm. In the beginning on this farm, everything is done manually, until the father decides to purchase two tractors to replace the mules, which had been taken to the slaughter house. It is here the one of the differences shows. “Mercy, mercy, mercy” (l. 58) these words comes from the protagonist´s fathers mouth, when the state comes with their big trucks, and drags away one of the mules named Orphan. Here it is clearly shown that these animals are not only a tool, but also a friend and helper. The father is willing to beg for Orphans life. The fact that he has named him also proves that they were close. The way Orphan reacts when they try to load him on the truck shows that Orphan cares about the father. The way his eyes goes mad, when they finally get on truck also points to that neither of them will never be the same.

While a lot of this is happening the narrators father is busy being in love with a girl named Eula Parker. She is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen, but she doesn’t have any interest in him what so ever, he therefor decides to take a shy girl that has been looking at for some time, to his father’s addict. This love is able…...