Mule Killers

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Mule Killers
Most people would say that love is a concept which will always be a mystery to man, because it is so changeable, and therefore it will always be able to fool and distort man’s thoughts. Love can both be happy and miserable, and this makes it very powerful and therefore able to control the entire behavior of a person. Throughout a lifetime people will unavoidably experience things that will have a certain impact on the individual’s personality as well as further development. These experiences will often become memories that will follow them their entire life. Being introduced to a world of adulthood is one of these experiences expressed in Mule Killers by Lydia Peele.
The narrator is a son whose father reveals secrets from his youth while they are doing an asparagus garden together. Our protagonist is therefore the boy’s father. The setting is the agricultural landscape of America. The use of mules suggests the agricultural side of America as well as the slaughtering of the mules suggests the arrival of modern machinery.
In the story the father is a teenager and he is confused about growing up and at the same time he, like many teenage boys, has a difficult time expressing his feelings. In the beginning of the text his feeling are described “trying hard to keep certain things stuffed deep inside his chest: things like fear, sadness, and uncertainty. He expects to outgrow all of these things very soon, and in the meantime, he works hard to keep them hidden.” He thinks that if he just denies these feelings long enough, they will disappear, and this shows us that his own feelings are strange to him, and that he thinks of his father as how a real man is supposed to be, since he never breaks down either. That means that the father is a role model for his motherless son, and this is also shown in the text where it is said that the son “carries (his…...