Mule Killers

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Mule killers
The story is named Mule killers and is written by Lydia Peelle, it was first published in Epoch, 2004.
The theme in the story is growing up, unrequited love, generation shift and consequences.
All the themes are, more or less, related to the narrator’s father, whom is telling about his early adolescent life where he had to cope with gradually losing his grip on what he wants for himself and instead being forced by the narrator’s grandfather to take responsibility for his actions.
You do not hear much about the narrator himself except that he is the outcome from the father’s and the nameless girl’s affair and he is twice the age at the time in the story than his father was, the year of the mule killers.
However you also get the impression of that he is a careful listener and watches his father very closely and therefore notices details so he can practically imagine what his father tells him and do not tell him.
The narrator’s father is the main person of the text, because it is him we hear about the most.
When the father was in his eighteens he fell in love with a girl named Eula Parker, while he was too shy to tell her for a long time he ended up asking Eula and her friend out for a soda, though Eula refuses her friend accepts.
The Father convince himself that Eula really wants him, when his date and himself meet Eula at the local drugstore, however when Eula actually just had a quick errand and leave again the confusion in the fathers heart drive him to kiss the other girl and supposedly later lead her home to himself where they have sex in some place on the farm grounds that is dim lighted enough for the father to imagine Eula’s face instead of the girl’s. This action later leads to a pregnancy which the father do not think he have to take responsibility for, but is later on forced by his father because it is the only thing that is morally…...