Mule Killers

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Mule Killers
The developing world is something, which can be difficult to deal with, particularly when you are used to doing something you know how works. In the present world, development is something everyone is facing each and every day, and people nowadays are used to it. A few centuries back in time, people were not used to this kind of development, people tended to like how things were at that time. People at that time were more conservative than they are today. Our generation is a part of a period where things are useless if they are more than 15 years old. The reason why our mentality today is set like this is most likely because we grew up after the industrial revolution, and because of that industrialism has become a part of our life. Back in time, people must have had a difficult time changing everything.
The short story “Mule Killers” is written by Lydia Peele. This is a story within a story and as often seen in short stories there are a very limited number of characters. But as usual these characters have a major influence on the story. This whole story is focused around the narrator and the two main characters, which are the father and the grandfather. As I have written, it is a story within a story, the father is looking back in time. He is telling his son what happened when he was 18 years old and the mule killers came, while they are picking asparagus. It is not told specifically where it is taking place, but we are told that the city they live in is located close to Nashville. Nashville is not that big they only have one drugstore in the whole town that indicates how big a city it is. In perspective to the industrial revolution, the grandfather is the one who throughout his life has been using mules as his tools. He loves his mules, the mules were his friends, and now he is forced to use tractors in the story they are called mule killers. The…...