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Multi-Parameter Patient Monitoring Platform

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Multi-Parameter Patient Monitoring Platform
Santosh N Vasist

Abstract: This project measures pulse rate, temperature and records ECG signal of a patient. It predicts the risk of a disorder related to the heart using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) in the absence of a doctor. This project uses an ECG sensor to measure the electrical activity of the heart using a three electrode system, a heartbeat sensor to measure the heart rate by analyzing the blood flow in index finger, and a temperature sensor to measure the body temperature. Additional parameters such as age, gender, height, weight along with the QRS interval from the recorded ECG is used to predict the risk of a disorder using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN).
Human heart generates small electrical signals which travel through the muscles of the heart and results in the contraction and relaxation of the heart thus in turn resulting in the pumping action. These electrical impulses can be detected by Electrocardiography. An Electrocardiograph is the record of the electrical activities occurring in the heart.
Electrodes set on distinctive parts of the body distinguish electrical signs originating from diverse regions inside of the heart. Effectively almost all the diseases related to the heart can be detected by the ECG. An ECG is a quick and easy method for the doctor to determine the condition of the heart. The ECG readings are almost immediate and reliable, which means the findings of the test can be used to guide emergency treatment.
For patients in resource constrained locales normal screening and observing of ECG is rare on the grounds that supply channels are restricted and relative expenses are high. Likewise lack of specialists and professionals is another reason.
Restorative science is a standout amongst the most quickly developing and changing fields of science. Hence like...

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