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BUSS420 – Project Management

Week 6 – Assignment 2 – Case Study 12.1

Professor R. Torres

June 9, 2012

Justine Charvat

Chapter 12 – Case Study 12.1

How does multitasking confuse the resource availability of project team personnel?
Multitasking confuses resource availability for project team personnel because the resource availability must be divvied up over many different tasks involving functional duties, as well as project duties. It is usually not possible to say that Team Member A is allotted for x amount of time on this project from Point A to Point B. The x amount of time may go from Point A on a specific project over to Point D on a functional task and then back over to Point A on the specific project. The Team Member may be able to complete the tasks up to Point B, but then is pulled away to work on a task on another project at the beginning of that one. In this way, multitasking does not allow for a continuous and unbroken specified time period to work exclusively on one project or its attendant tasks and this needs to be taken into consideration when scheduling a project’s baseline calendar.
“In modern organizations, it is impossible to eliminate multitasking for the average employee.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why? As of the date that I write this, I agree with the above-statement mainly because businesses have found that it is profitable to have employees multitask (Isidore, 2010, para. 13). Employees are afraid of losing their jobs so they tolerate being overworked, which is another term for multitasking. Additionally, as an Executive Administrative Assistant, one of my ‘prized’ abilities is multitasking. A cursory scan of the job postings for this particular position usually contains this ‘skill’ listed as a requirement. In one job posting, the employer used a formal description for this skill,...

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