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Multicultural Competency Paper

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Multicultural Competency Paper
Dr. Rawls, Andre

Multicultural Psychology / 535

May 07, 2014

Multicultural Diversity
The information in the following paper will include answers to the following questions: what biases, perceptions, attitudes and beliefs might I hold about culturally different groups? How might these attitudes or perceptions influence my interaction with individuals who are culturally different from myself? How knowledgeable am I about my values, practices and experiences of individuals who are culturally different from myself? And finally, what are my strengths and weaknesses in interacting with culturally diverse individuals and how might I address any shortcomings? One final bit of information prior to getting into the body of the paper, the information from my personal life (past and present) is what I have assessed, being as I do not currently hold a job in the workplace, however, I am a stay at home mom and student.
My life tends to be very culturally filled even though I am a stay at home mom. For seven years, I ran an in-home daycare. I was very culturally open. I have always been one to believe that everyone is exactly the same under the skin – blood and bones. My personal attitudes with people of other race, cultures, etc. I believe are very open. I find others to be very interesting so when there are cultural differences – it is fun to take the time to learn the culture or at least to be able to respect the persons within the culture. I keep an open mind and I try to understand as best I can things that are not culturally common to my own life. With these types of attitudes and perceptions, it leaves me more open minded and understanding to those things that are unfamiliar. This also leaves room for education on a personal level and if possible within the culture as accepted....

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