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Multicultural Content Review

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Content Review Week Five

Ernestine Brodie

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In Chapter 3 of your course text, Ramsey states: "In short, caring is a powerful emotion that energizes concern for ourselves and others and our willingness to confront and change inequities. Thus, it is an essential component of multicultural education" (Ramsey, 2004, p. 44). Drawing on what you have learned in this course and particularly this week, explain why this statement is true, citing the Learning Resources to support your ideas. “In Short, caring is a powerful emotion that energizes concern for ourselves and others and our willingness to confront and change inequities. Thus, it is an essential component of multicultural education” (Ramsey, 2015,
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As a teacher you must be aware of what is going on in the classroom and pay attention to children from diverse backgrounds. Just as Dr. Garcia stated it could be easy for them to disengage and separate themselves from the other children (Fostering Cultural Responsive Interactions). I would make sure that I would incorporate activities that make all children feel represented and respected. As a teacher, it is my responsibility to make every child feel that they are a part of the classroom. Finally, I think that being resourceful and utilizing all resources will help in a diverse classroom. I’m the kind of person who is curious by nature anyway, so if I do not know or understand something, I ask about it, look it, read about it, or do whatever I can to find out about it. I would do the same thing with the different diversity of the classroom. I would pull resources, get other people from the community who are familiar with a particular culture to come in and give insight. I would purchase my own materials If not provided to help in the classroom. And one of the most important things I would do is to utilize the children’s family. I would have them come in own cultural day or night and share their experiences so that the children can learn and develop a respect of one another’s diversity. I believe that all three of the R’s that I mentioned are things that I would do personally in my very own classroom to ensure that I foster culturally responsive interaction not just among my students but also with their parents and other

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