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Multicultural Lesson Plan Analysis

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| DisadvantagesSIOP * Research-based * Scaffolding techniques (students must understand first lesson before moving on)EEI * Designed to help an existing lesson plan * Current knowledge and research based | | | | | | Amelia WhiteEDU-230 | | | | Advantages and Disadvantages of SIOP and EEI Lesson Plans | Helping students find their balance! | | | |

| Define SIOP! * Sheltered * Instructional * Observation * ProtocolSIOP is an instructional model that teaches in English only. SIOP is not additional or replacement instructional but a complete curriculum for non-native speakers in a content area. The instructional form is meant to extent the time ELLs students receive in language support for academic content area that is required to graduate. | | | | Define EEI! * Education * Environment * InitiativeThis is an environment-based curriculum. This curriculum features 85 individual units. Each unit is aligned to up to 100 selected Science and History-Social Science content standards. This vision encourages an active and hands on experiments. This positively impacts the leaders of tomorrow and their families, schools, and communities. | | | | | | SIOP Key Points * Concrete the structure * Useful for teachers through peer review/self-reflectionEEI Key Points * Teaches Science, History and Social Science standards to mastery * Supports English Language standards | | | | | |

Amelia White
January 23, 2014
Professor Jeff Martin
Multicultural Lesson Plan Analysis
1. Are the objectives aligned with academic standards? State how the lesson objectives support the academic standards.
The SIOP lesson Addition Stories did meet with the Common Core State standards. This lesson clearly identifies the concept of addition through oral storytelling. This lesson also...

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