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Multicultural Marketing Campaign

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Health Promotion in China through import / Health and Wellness Product Trade / America products scope in China
Knowledge is one of the dynamic forces of the wellness revolution, and in present societies there is an increasingly health-literate conscious population. The secure flow of health education and health advancement from the public segment over the last 30–40 years has really contributed to significant shifts in how present societies view health, and it seems that now this influence is felt most strongly in the health square. Everything is changing in this world, both Chinese culture and buyer behaviors. Because of a long time starvation for latest things in the past, Chinese are keener for improved products than people of other countries, mainly those developed countries. In this paper, we discuss the Chinese culture their behavior regarding adopting of import products. The marketing of Health and wellness products by US and its result.

The US economists already suggest considering the health care industry as one of the few carters of growth in the China ahead. Now calculations show that in the China alone, the sales of the wellness industry have already reached approximately $150 billion and that it is set to achieve sales of $85 billion within 10 years, thus matching the health care industry. The travel towards the individualization, denationalization and commercialization of health is one appearance of the larger movements in modern societies. There is a need on the one hand to protect consumers from fraud, untrue claims and dangerous products and on the other to create well-informed consumers who can use choice in a highly tolerant health and wellness market. So US marketing campaign for health and wellness products would always be successful in China, because in the next ten to fifteen years, China is anticipated to become the world's...

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