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Multicultural Workforce

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How a Multicultural Workforce Might Affect Teamwork and Communications in Large Companies
Bethany Ward, Nicole Ortiz, Brandi Cook
Learning Team B
University of Phoenix
Linda Lawliss
February 5, 2007

Large companies find a multicultural workforce essential because they have to do business effectively with many diverse cultures in order to be successful. Unique skills and/or lower costs become more accessible to companies when they broaden their work forces. However, in working with different cultures and backgrounds, many companies face difficulties and challenges they must overcome. Managing a diverse workforce is an important task for today’s corporations. The idea of a diverse workforce is not a new concept. “According to The History Channel, in the 1850’s, Chinese and Irish laborers were brought over to lay the tracks for the transcontinental railroad, which raised anger of those who had arrived a hundred years earlier”. (Cartby, 2006). No matter how angry people may get over diversity and new workers coming to America in search of a better life, it’s not going to go away. Ethnic backgrounds are just one dynamic of a diverse workforce. According to the Workforce 2000 study funded by the U.S. Department of Labor: “Immigrants, women and people of color accounted for 85 percent of the net growth in the labor force throughout the 1990’s”. (Cartby, 2006). This study proves the workforce of the future is going to become even more diverse than it already is. Companies are going to have to learn how to adjust and manage the diversity issue. “One thing managers should recognize is that there will always be a potential for conflict and their job is to intervene and resolve diversity issues early and quickly”. (Cartby, 2006). If personnel in a company do not know how to look past the diversity in the company, the company will...

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