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Multiple Generator

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CHAPTER I – Preliminaries
The purpose of this project is to determine the types of generator there are two parts of generator its either mechanical or electrical terms. Multiple generators provide power for expensive change over device. in some event that a utility powers supply fails or loss it automatically places . the generators in an emergency power mode. Generator are useful in application such as mini hydro power plants, wind turbines or in reducing high pressure gas streams to lower pressure reducing high pressure gas because they can recover energy with simple controls.

The purpose of this investigation is to determine how to operate a generator and to provide the practical tools needed to model an implement new technique for generating energy through isolated or grid connected system and to demonstrate it. T plan to make a sample of a multiple generator out of the 10 materials given to me. At first I prepared a square wooden boards put the old cd then apply glue after that put the strong magnet in 90% and 500 turns copper wire on old firm can then remove coil and tie it well and scarp insulation from ends. Then join the coil ends to. LED and apply give at 5 pieces on based cd after that makes 5 coils and attach them to led then stick coils on based cd after that stick machine bobbin in center then stick tooth paste lid on magnet cd hold lid and spin magnet d after spinning stick seven color...

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