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Multiple Personality Disoder

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Multiple personality disorder is a disorder that is often confused with dissassociative identity disorder for the reason that they both are characterized by the disassociation that a patient/inflicted individual experience; however, multiple personality disorder holds itself a personal definition that suggests that it is a disorder in which 2 or more personalities exist within the inflicted individual, both of which taking turns in controlling the individual’s behavior and consciousness.1 Multiple personality disorder has been seen throughout all of history as different types of behavior, ranging from inappropriate to highly respected forms as the cultures in which they are recognized differ. In the Paleolithic era, shamans would often tell stories through cave paintings of their own experiences of animal embodiment, and such experiences are analyzed to be instances of MPD. Demonic possession in many cultures has also been attributed by researchers to misunderstandings of the behavior of individuals with Multiple Personality Disorder. It is important to note that the last two occurrences of MPD were actually, and in some places today, are still appreciated as established and reputable practices. The earliest reporting of a case of Multiple personality disorder was by a male named Eberhardt Gmelin in 1791, when he describes a young woman to have spoken French perfectly, and with an French accent when speaking German, but then she would seemingly turn into a German woman who could not speak French at all.2 Since the first case, there have been few examples of MPD throughout the years, up until about 1980, when MPD was recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as a real “emotional illness”.3 As an actual “emotional illness” (Multiple Personality Disorder-History and Incidence, p.1), Multiple Personality Disorder contains many facets that create its…...

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