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0012 Senior Government Managers and Officials
Senior government managers and officials plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate, through middle managers, the major activities of municipal or regional governments or of provincial, territorial or federal departments, boards, agencies or commissions. They establish the direction to be taken by these organizations in accordance with legislation and policies made by elected representatives or legislative bodies.
Example Titles assistant deputy minister chairperson, Human Rights Commission chief administrative officer – regional municipality chief statistician – government services city administrator deputy minister director general – government services executive director – government services high commissioner

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Main duties

Senior government managers and officials perform some or all of the following duties: * Establish objectives for the organization in accordance with government legislation and policy, formulate or approve and evaluate programs and procedures alone or in conjunction with senior government committees * Advise elected representatives on policy questions and refer any major policy matters to these representatives for final decision * Recommend, review, evaluate and approve documents, briefs and reports submitted by middle managers and senior staff members * Ensure appropriate systems and procedures are developed and implemented to provide budgetary control * Co-ordinate department activities with other senior government managers and officials * Make presentations to legislative and other government committees regarding policies, programs or budgets.
Employment requirements * A university degree or college diploma is usually required. * A graduate degree in a related field may be required. * Several years of managerial experience in...

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