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Multivitamins Checkpoint Week 5 Sci/241


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10/11/2011 SCI/241

What are some of the benefits you stand to receive by taking it every day?
It has been centuries since the thought that vitamins from some foods could cure some illnesses, but even longer to understand which ones and what aliments would be helped. Today we can be certain that there are some foods that can help, and the vitamins or minerals in the foods are the important parts of that. They can help with energy, decrease the chance of disease, and increase overall health. Vitamin D helps to promote healthy bones; Vitamin E helps your skin, and helps to fight some disease.
Does taking a multivitamin every day raise your intake of a particular vitamin or mineral to near-toxic levels?
According to a few readings, it is cautioned to everyone to avoid any excessive intake of a vitamin and mineral over the recommended daily value for each ingredient. So it is always important to take the recommended amount, talk to a doctor if you are taking any other medications to make sure the vitamins and minerals with not negatively impact your other medication, and to read the label and make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients, for example, wheat, soy, or dairy. The fat-soluble vitamins are the ones that people should make sure they control their intake for, because they are not excreted through the urine like water-soluble vitamins are.
What are the consequences of toxicity?
Tanking to much vitamins or minerals can make someone very ill, and can cause many other issues to the body. Too much Vitamin A can cause hair loss, and blurred vision, but worst of all liver failure and reduced bone density. The recommended intake is 700-900µg a day, so any more than that on a daily basis could be bad. Too much Vitamin D can cause a person to have a lot of kidney stones, and over calcified bones and soft tissue. This

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