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Mumbai Police

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The Mumbai Police (also known as Brihanmumbai Police) is the police force of the city of Mumbai, India. It has the primary responsibilities of law enforcement and investigation within the limits of Mumbai. The department's motto is "Sadrakṣaṇāya Khalanigrahaṇāya" (Sanskrit: सद्रक्षणाय खलनिग्रहणाय, "To protect the good and to punish the evil"). Although considered one of the best police forces in the world for solving high profile, high stakes crimes, Mumbai police is also thought to be influenced by local politicians.
It is headed by the Commissioner of Mumbai Police, who is generally an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer. The current commissioner is Arup Patnaik.

Mumbai Police Has total 89 Police Stations in its Jurisdiction. For Administrative purpose Mumbai police is divided in to 12 Zones and one additional Port Zone. Police stations under Port Zone keep vigil on the Mumbai Port. Each Zone contains 3 to 4 Police Stations. Broadly Mumbai police is divided in to five regions namely Central, North, South, East and West. Each Region having 3 to 4 Zones. The in charge of each zone is a DCP. And In charge of Police station is Police Inspector commonly known as Sr. Police Inspector which is an honorary designation.

Ranks of Mumbai Police

Rank | Abbreviation | Strength | Commissioner of Police | C.P | 1 | Joint Commissioner of Police | Jt.CP | 5 | Additional Commissioner of Police | Addl. CP | 12 | Deputy Commissioner of Police | DCP | 38 | Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police | Addl. DCP | | Assistant Commissioner of Police | ACP | 124 | Police Inspector | PI | 977 | Assistant Police Inspector | API | 756 | Police Sub Inspector | PSI | 2850 | Assistant Sub Inspector | ASI | 3329 | Head Constable | HC | 8146 | Police Naik | PN | 6010 | Police Constable | PC | 18666 |

Subunits of the Mumbai police force
Mumbai Police is...

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