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1. Marienplatz - Marien Square and the New Town Hall of Munich
2. Frauenkirche - Cathedral of Our Blessed Lady
4. The English Garden
5. Hofbräuhaus Restaurant
6. Viktualienmarkt - The Victuals Market
7. Residence Palace of Munich
8. Deutsches Museum - German Museum
10. Olympic Stadium of Munich
11. Allianz Arena
12. Neuschwanstein Castle
Getting There: Take the local train to Füssen, then the bus RVA/OVG 73 in the direction to Steingaden / Garmisch-Partenkirchen or the bus RVA/OVG 78 in the direction to Schwangau until you reach the stop Hohenschwangau / Alpseestraße.
Festung Hohensalzburg - The Salzburg Fortress, built in the 11th century, is a must, if only for the spectacular view of the city and the alpine peaks surrounding it. You can walk from the old town or take the funicular. There's lots to see inside the fortress, including torture chambers and a couple of museums.
Take a stroll around the Old Town - Salzburg was declared a UNESCO World heritage site in 1996, and the old town is a joy.
Stiftskerch St. Peter - Check out the catacombs behind the abbey built in 847.
Mozart's House - Visit the Mozart-Wohnhaus at Makartplatz 8 where he lived from 1773 to 1787
Mozart’s Birthplace - Getreidegasse 9
Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg, Austria
(Do-Re-Mi steps)
Mondsee Cathedral, Mondsee, Upper Austria, Austria
(Maria's wedding)
Nonnberg Abbey, Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria
(exteriors: abbey)
Residenz Fountain, Residenzplatz, Salzburg, Austria
(fountain in which Maria splashes)
Residenzplatz, Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria
(scene with Nazi's marching)
Schloss Frohnburg, Salzburg, Austria
(front of Von Trapp villa)
Schloss Fuschl, Fuschl, Salzburg, Austria
(Castle in opening scene)
Schloss Hellbrunn, Fürstenweg, Hellbrunn, Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria
(gazebo, once stood on the grounds of Schloss Leopoldskron)

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