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Safe Lifting & Prevention of Back Injuries



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Did you know that you need to able to lift at least 30 or 50 lbs throughout an 8-12 hour shift? Make certain that any object that you lift falls within that range. How do you know if it is in that range? Read the label or ask a supervisor. Otherwise, give a light lift to ascertain the weight. If the weight feels heavy, ask for help. DO NOT PROCEED!!
Remember how to lift properly.
Get a firm footing
Before lifting, stand close to the load with both feet firmly on the floor about shoulder width apart. Point your toes out. Keep your feet part for a stable base.

Lift with your legs
Let your powerful leg muscles do most of the work. If you need to change direction with the load, pivot with your feet. DO NOT twist your back. Bend your knees
Squat down close to the load with your back straight and stomach muscles tight. Don’t bend at the waist. Keep the principle of leverage in mind.

Keep load close
The closer the load is to your body, the less force it exerts on your back.
Grip the load firmly pulling it toward you. Continue to hold the load close until you need to place it down

Tighten stomach muscles
Abdominal muscles support your spine when you lift. Train muscle groups to work together

Keep your back upright
Don’t add the weight of your body to the load. Avoid twisting; it can cause injury. Avoid twisting
Don’t twist your body, twisting is a major cause of injury. Lowe the load bending your knees and letting your les, not your back, do the work.
Place the load on the edge of surface then slide. Back injuries are most likely when the spine is bent forward and twisted at the same time. Turn by moving your feet. Not your back.

Two person lifting
Both people should be about the same height. One person should be in charge of saying when to move where. Lift and raise at the same time. Keep the load at the same level while carrying. Move slowly together.
Unload at the same time.

While putting down the load maintain straight back posture and bend with the knees. Throughout the day make sure you are well stretched and maintain straight posture to prevent any further risk to your back.
I have received, recognize, and understand the Safe Lifting & Prevention of Back Injuries as it has been explained to me and as outlined on this form. I understand that Staff Management | SMX has zero tolerance policy and my employment may be ended as a result of violating these policies and/or procedures.
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