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Murder or Suicide?

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11 October 2012
Murder or Suicide? Once upon a time there was a couple in New York who had two children. The oldest one was Roland, 20 years old, and the youngest one Rosa, 9 years old. Rosa was adopted when she was 3 months old, but she didn’t know. Friends and neighbors thought they were the kind of perfect family, but they didn’t know what they were hiding. The Rodriguez family was marked forever on the 23rd of March, 1994. Something terrible happened, and people couldn’t believe it. Roland decided to kill himself by jumping from the 12th floor of the building they lived at. As he passed by the floor 9, he was accidentally hit by a shotgun that took away his life immediately. Roland didn’t know that three days before, firefighters had installed a safety net by the 8th floor for the workers that were painting the building. So, he was not going to die. Police officers went to the apartment where the shotgun had come out, and a couple that lived there argued that it was an accident because they didn’t see the guy going down the window. An officer asked for an explanation, and the husband, Rodrigo, said, “When I get mad at my wife, I pull the trigger, but the gun is always empty. I don’t know what happened, I didn’t mean to hurt or kill my wife nor anyone. I’m not a murderer.” To the surprise of everyone, the couple was Roland’s parents. Roland, before committing suicide, gave Rosa a letter explaining what he did, and why he couldn’t live anymore. After the police told Roland’s parents that he, Roland, was the one murdered by the shotgun, the innocent Rosa gave them the letter he had left hours before his death. Rosalinda, Roland’s mother, after reading the letter, was in shock and suffered a heart attack, but the police called an ambulance quickly and she was taken to the hospital. Roland and Rosalinda had had a fight, because...

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