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Mus 2313.003 Art Critique


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Visual Art Critique
MUS 2313.003
Event: Gallery I & II of the Department of Art and Design
Where: JCM Building at Texas State University

Craven Image- Bill Komodore
The Craven Painting was the first to catch my eye. Perhaps this was because the texture made the image seem blurry or maybe it was because it was the biggest, colorful painting you see when you walk in the door. Whatever the reason, I just had to stop and stare. At first glance it look like a soda can, and when you squinted your eyes, it even looked like the word ‘Craven’ that was in the middle said Coke. But maybe this was just what I saw especially because I was thirsty at the time. As for what is being said, I can honestly say I do not know. I am not an imaginative person so art is a weak point for me. I know craven means cowardly, which makes me think that he uses the background to abject fear to the audience. He then contrasts the background blacks and greys with a sudden orange in the middle, which draws the attention viewer’s attention to the center. The object in the middle looks like a jar that could be characterized with feeling entrapped which could continue to evoke fear. Last but not least, the lines in this painting are running in many different directions. As Dennis Spore says, “Artists use line to control our vision, to create unity” (Sporre, 15). In this artwork the artist actually does the opposite, with “non traditional brushstrokes”, to create chaos that continues the feeling of trepidation (Sporre, 565). Now would I say this is conical? I don’t think so. It’s a good painting but since I see no connection between the art and events that are taking place as of now, I wouldn’t think someone would study it later on after many years.
Rate: 6
I believe a six is reasonable because this artist did many subtle things to try to get a reaction from his audience, but at first glance I believe the orange takes over and it’s honestly the only part I remember.

Into the Rising- Clifton Riley
When I first saw this painting I thought is was just splattered paint on a canvas, but as I looked into it I noticed that there were actual images beneath the blobs of paint. Hidden you can actually see a sketch of a city which is beautiful. I believe that the art is showing that there is still humanity underneath all the ugly out in the world; you just need to look hard enough. The artist uses a small form of abstract expressionism with his “non-representational subject matter” in the front of the painting creating a unique effect because the great blobs and smudges on the surface first catch the eyes, but underneath it is all filled with the same types of building and designs that create its beauty (Sporre, 565). I do believe this art is conical because as the world continues to get ‘big black blobs’ we should all continue to look deep into each other and society to find the humanity and beauty of our world.
Rate: 8
I liked this painting because it forced me to look twice and think deeply on why he would cover a painting that I would of considered great with big black smudges. After thinking and looking at it for a while I got to create my own understanding and gave me a message I could use everyday in life.

The Homecoming- Caleb Cole
This painting caught my eye because of the over powering white in the middle of the canvas. I then began to feel sad and pity for the young man. He seems to be surrounded by people but at the same time very alone. A stadium is known to evoke happiness in people because of the loud, joyful environment, yet this boy looks depressed. This painting has structuralism, “an individual phenomena that can be understood only within the context of the overall structures of which they form a part and that these structures represent universal sets of relationships that derive meaning from their contrasts and interactions within a specific context”, because of the contrast of the white empty space and the back ground images in black (Sporre, 563). I believe the art is showing how no matter how many people are on this world, we can all feel a little lonely at times and also feel like outcasts. The name Homecoming and the size of the stadium makes me think that this boy is in high school, which is one of the scariest social times in ones life. Being an outcast can come quickly in an environment where everyone is quick to find his or her clique. Overall I think the artist is just showing that we can be lonely during any time in life. I do believe it is Conical because feeling of loneliness and isolation is something everyone has and will feel in life no matter what century we are in.
Rate: 8
I give it an eight because it really provoked emotion in me. I got a empty feeling inside of me that brought me back to the days where I did feel like an outcast and it made me look more into the meaning of the painting.

Works Cited: Sporre, Dennis. The Creative Impulse An Introduction to the Arts. 8th Edition. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, Pearson Education, Inc., Prentice Hall 2009.

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