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Music Appreciation Chart

For each time period, fill in the required information. Please see your instructor’s syllabus for the weekly schedule of completing this chart.

| | | | |PERIOD |
|LIST 3 COMPOSERS |JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH |Ludwig van Beethoven |Vincenzo Bellini |Samuel Barber |
| | | | | |
| |George Philipp Telemann |Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin|Jean-Baptiste Duvernoy |Luciano Berio |
| | | | | |
| |George Frideric Handel |Christoph Willibald Gluck |Eliza Flower |Benjamin Britten |
|For each Composer, list 3 |Johann Sebastian Bach- Wie |Ludwig van Beethoven- |Vincenzo Bellini- |Samuel Barber- Dover |
|compositions |schön leuchtet der |Symphony No. 2, op. 36 (D |Adelson e Salvini, Bianca |Beach, Summer Music, and |
| |Morgenstern, Ach Gott, vom |Major)," Symphony No. 3 |e Gernando, and Il pirata |Hermit Songs |
| |Himmel sieh darein, and Ach |Eroica, op. 55 (E flat | | |
| |Gott, wie manches Herzeleid |Major)," "Symphony No. 4, |Jean-Baptiste Duvernoy- |Luciano Berio- Epifanie, |
| | |op. 60 (B flat Major) |Etude in C major |Sinfonia and the Sequenza |
| |George Philipp Telemann- Ach | |(Duvernoy, Jean-Baptiste),|series |
| |ewiges Wort, in Herz und |Fryderyk Franciszek |Feu Roulant (Duvernoy, | |
| |Munde, Beglückte Zeit, die |Chopin- Polonaises in G |Jean-Baptiste), and |Benjamin Britten- Peter |
| |uns des Wortes Licht, and |minor and B flat major 9, |Preparatory School of |Grimes, Death in Venice |
| |Christus der ist mein Lebenb |Sonata in C minor and |Velocity, Op.276 |and A Midsummer Night's |
| | |Rondo à la Krakowiak, op. |(Duvernoy, Jean-Baptiste) |Dream. |
| |George Frideric Handel- |14 | | |
| |Almira, Nero, and Florindo | |Eliza Flower- A Feast For | |
| | |Christoph Willibald Gluck-|Me, A prayer, and A little| |
| | |Artaserse, |over Zero | |
| | |Demofoonte,and"Arsace | | |
|List 3 Historical events – |Italian opera became more |Cosmopoliatian age, |The star spangled banner, |Twentieth-century music |
|musical |expressive and expansive. The|Popularzation age, and |Music Copyright act, and |brought new freedom and |
| |composer/violinist Arcangelo |Prosaic age |Thomas edison invented |wide experimentation with |
| |Corelli became known and | |Sound recording |new musical styles and |
| |music for the harpsichord was| | |forms that challenged the |
| |also given importance. Bach | | |accepted rules of music of|
| |and Handel are known as the | | |earlier periods, youth |
| |figures of the late Baroque | | |culture, and Record |
| |music. Other forms of music | | | |
| |like the canons and fugues | | | |
| |evolved during this time. | | | |
|List 3 historial events – |ENGLISH CIVIL WAR |American Revolution, |Lewis and Clark |First man on the moon, |
|General | |American Declaration of |Expedition, war of 1812 |Vietnam Ear, world war II |
| |Salem witchcraft trials |Independence, and French |began, and the battle of | |
| | |Revolution |Tippercanoe | |
| |Toleration Act in England | | | |
|list 3 artists |Rembrandt |Fransisco de Goya |Winslow Homer |Ansel Adams |
| | |John Constable | | |
| |Frans Hals |Eugene Delacroix |Joseph Turner |Salvador Dali |
| | | | | |
| |Jacob van Ruisdael | |Jacques-Louis David |Paul Cadmus |
|List 3 innovations – musical |Opera |Symphonic form |Concerto, symphonic poem, |Polychord, Tone CLuster, |
| | |Sonata form |song cycle, |and Emancipation of |
| | |String Quartets | |Dissonance |
|list 3 innovations – general |Galileo Discovered Natural |The discovery and naming |Erie Canal opens |•Willis Carrier invents |
| |laws, |of Oxygen by Lavoisier | |the air conditioner. |
| |Syringe, | |Invention of photography |•The lie detector or |
| |Barometer |Hydrogen by Cavendish | |polygraph machine is |
| | | |Neptune discovered |invented by James |
| | |Steam engine James Watt | |Mackenzie. |
| | | | | |
| | | | |•George Claude invented |
| | | | |neon light. |


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