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Music Can Effect Teenagers in Different Ways

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Music can effect teenagers in different ways. Music can benefit teenagers or it can hurt them. Music can benefit teens by being a positive force on mental health but it can hurt teens by being able to cause depression. So if used correctly music can be a good force on a teens life, and it can help them get through rough times in life. Or it can further worsen a problem in a teen’s life.

Music can help teens by being a good and positive force for mental health. As stated in paragraph 3 music can be calming, relaxing, and intellectually stimulating. It can also effect emotions and patterns of thinking, it can impart ideas and ideologies, powerfully and emotionally conveying a certain way of life. Paragraph 7 states something similar, “Music can be used in a positive way to bridge gaps, to create a bond between people who might otherwise have little in common. It can convey a message of peace and brotherhood, relax, soothe. But for teens music doesn’t act as just a way to relax or make new friends. Music has been connected to youth developing greater language capacity as well as a greater adeptness in the ability to learn a new language when they play an instrument, as said in paragraph 13. The extent of positives ranges when you’re involved in musical classes, playing a musical instrument is also beneficial school wise. As states in source b playing a musical instrument and or having music related classes can lead to significantly higher levels of mathematic proficiency and much higher test scores on the verbal and mathematic...

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