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Music Choice Channals

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November 8, 2013

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8351 10 066 0538261 (864) 303-7777 1860 317 SASSAFRAS DR EASLEY SC 29642-8266

Charter News
Important Information About Your Music Choice Channels - On or after December 10, 2013, Music Choice (channel numbers 903-948) will be making several changes to its lineup. New channels will be added including Teen MC, Pop Rhythmic, Pop Country and Y2K. The following channels will have name changes: Retro Rock to Rock Hits, True Country to Country Hits and Dance/Electronica to Dance/EDM. Classic Alternative, Romances, Classical Masterpiece and Stage & Screen will be dropped from the lineup. All Music Choice channels will still be found on channels 903-948. For a complete listing of your Music Choice channel lineup, go to after December 10, 2013. _________________________ Important Channel Information - On or after December 17, 2013 the following network(s) will be removed from the Charter lineup as a result of the network going dark by the end of December: SOAPnet on Expanded Basic Digital Channel 158, G4 on Expanded Basic Digital Channel 82 and 143, G4 HD on Expanded Basic HD Channel 841 _________________________

Contact Us visit us at or call 1-888-GET-CHARTER (1-888-438-2427)


Service from 11/18/13 through 12/17/13 details on following pages

Previous Balance Payments Received -Thank You! Remaining Balance Charter TV ® Charter Internet ® One-Time Charges Taxes, Fees and Charges Current Charges Credit Balance - Do Not Pay

150.98 -308.67 -157.69 70.99 54.99 5.99 12.30 144.27 -$13.42

Thank you for choosing Charter. We appreciate your prompt payment and value you as a customer .

November 8, 2013 Bill Mcintyre Account: Phone Number:
8413 EXCELSIOR DR 120 MADISON WI 53717-1970
8634 0130 NO RP 08 11092013 NNNNNNNN 01 996972 keep 8351 10 066…...

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