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Music Communication And Patients: Article Analysis

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Scope: Communication on a regular basis involves many musical attributes that go unnoticed and overlooked. Whenever communication is present there’s almost always an underlying rhythm, tempo, verbal confirmation, and physical gestures. In music therapy one of the main goals is to allow music to become the bridge of communication between the music therapist and the patient. Since musical features are present in regular communication it makes it easier to integrate it into therapy sessions by exaggerating the musical features that are naturally present. Music therapist would find this annotated bibliography very informative in terms of how music poses a role in communication and how, if so, music can be a form of communication between the music …show more content…
Within this article, Chavin discusses how music is essential and relevant to everyday life and without it people just wouldn’t be able to function because the world as we know it would change drastically. Throughout the article Chavin discusses how music can be the connection between the music therapist and the patient. The music therapist relies on family members who know the patient well enough to convey to the music therapist the genre of music the patient is most interested in. Chavin conducted experiments with a couple of patients that had Dementia or Alzheimer’s. During these experiments after Chavin had retrieved the patient’s preferred music genre she began to research music from the patients past preferably within the patient’s childhood or early adulthood. From there Chavin introduced the preferred genre to the patients and began the music therapy sessions. During the music therapy sessions with one patient, Chavin used music as a form of communication with one of the patients who wouldn’t respond to words but showed signs of happiness and enjoyment during music therapy sessions. Meanwhile in another session Chavin helped strengthen communication between a mother and daughter who were lacking a common topic to converse about but managed to find a similar music genre that was revealed to within …show more content…
Pavlicevic begins his journal article by explaining the communication between a mother and the infant. Pavlicevic explains that the communication between the mother and infant is a mutual understanding where musical attributes are used to convey nonverbal communication. The explanation that Pavlicevic provides is that new born infants are just naturally able to detect and respond to musical patterns. The child and mother become musical within communication by developing similar tempos, intensity, rhythm, and a sense of shape and contour of their sound (274). The entire mother-infant communication process is the building block of the infant’s communication later in life. Pavlicevic explains thoroughly how music has a role in communication and how music is naturally embedded within communication. Signaling that the early development of communication can play a huge role later in the child’s life when the child begins to have conversations with people other than its mother (music therapist

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