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Ludwig van Beethoven
(December 16th, 1770 - March 26th,1827)

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany. He was the oldest of two brothers.
His childhood consisted of endless piano practice forced upon him by his alcoholic father. If Ludwig made a mistake, his father would punish him.
In 1782, Beethoven published his first work, 9 Variations in C minor for the piano on a march by Earnst
Christoph Dressler.
By the age of 12, he was providing for his family by playing the organ and composing music.
In Bonn, he studied with Christian Gottlob Neefe. Neefe once wrote about Beethoven in the Magazine of Music saying, “If he continues like this, he will be, without a doubt, the new Mozart.” For a while he also studied with composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
In 1792, Vienna became his permanent residency where he studied with Austrian composer Joseph
In the early 1800’s, Beethoven’s hearing started to decline.
1814 was his faming peak. Two of his most famous works were: Wellington’s Victory op. 91 in 1813
(otherwise known as the Battle Symphony) and The Glorious Moment op. 136 in 1814.
His works done between 1818 through 1826 included: the Sonara in B-flat major op. 106 in 1818, the
Missa Solemnis in D-major op. 123 in 1823, the Thirty-Three Variations on a Waltz by Diabelli in Cmajor op.120 in 1823, the Symphony No. 9 in D-minor op. 125 in 1824, and his last string quartets.
Throughout his life he wrote: one opera, five piano concertos, nine symphonies, thirty-two piano sonatas, and string quartets.

One of Beethoven’s famous piano sonatas is entitled the Moonlight Sonata. The Moonlight Sonata is remembered best for it’s dream-like opening. This work was composed in 1801 and dedicated to Giulietta
Duicciardi, a student of his. This sonata is divided into three movements, otherwise known as Sonata-

Allegro Form. The first...

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