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Recorded in 2008
“Halo” by Beyoncé from album "I Am Sasha Fierce" Recorded in 2009
“Halo” by Florence and The Machine live on "Radio #1 Live Lounge, Volume 4" “Halo” by Beyoncé from the album "I Am…Sasha Fierce" in 2008, was covered by Florence and The Machine live on "Radio #1 Live Lounge, Volume 4" in 2009. This modern ballad has been covered by many artists through the years. This song really stands out because of the difference in the artist’s genre. This is a perfect example of an artist taking a song and transforming into a work of art. Composed by lead vocalist from One Republic, Ryan Tedder, Evan “Kidd” Bogart and Beyoncé Knowles. The singer Ray LaMontagne was the main inspiration for "Halo". Evan “Kidd” Bogart suggested they create a song in the style of Ray LaMontagne’s “Shelter" for Beyoncé Knowles and her husband Jay-Z, and proposed the title "Halo". After hearing Ryan Tedder play "angelic" chords, they wrote the song in three hours. The song was composed to be a ballad that shows insecurities about love. Beyoncé’s version of "Halo" is a contemporary down tempo power ballad that features an R&B and pop production. It has elements of gospel and soul music. The instruments used in this piece are a piano, a keyboard, drums, a synthesizer, strings, and percussion instruments. The cascading piano work is accompanied by percussive beats that alternate between handclaps and foot stomps. "Halo" was composed using common time in the key of A major, with a moderate tempo of 84 beats per minute. It is built on the chord progression A-BM-FM-D, and is written in the common verse-chorus form. Beyoncé’s vocal goes from the low note of C to the falsetto note of F, and is supported by backing vocals. She stuffs her singing with vibrato yelps and trills, fast changes between two attached notes, about a tone apart. The arrangement also consists of musical increases and automatic accents. Florence Welch from “Florence and The Machine” brilliantly followed the same form, but her vocals make the form sound a bit different, almost opposite of the composer’s purpose. The foot stomps and handclaps in the beginning of the song is more like just handclaps in this version. Florence Welch has a brilliant voice and she holds a poetic soul that flows into her work. Florence has created some amazing cover songs, from classic to new pop hits. Florence and the Machine's version of "Halo" is another great cover song by Florence Welch. The group really shows the texture of the original version while turning it into their own at the same time. The instruments sound more existent compared to the original sounding more computerized. She respects the original version of the song, just adding a hint of her own creative flair. Florence's version is more upbeat and personal than Beyoncé’s heartfelt version. This version is definitely much more bottomless with no automatic accents. Beyoncé sings very smoothly and sweetly, like a sunny day with a bright sky. She has the ability to transform lyrics into magic and make it sound beautiful. “Halo” displays Beyoncé at one of her most powerful vocal. While, Florence Welch is like a huge wild storm that is so full of life and energy. It’s pure power, maybe not so clean and clear as Beyoncé, but much stronger and mesmerizing. Beyoncé Knowles and Florence Welch have very different singing styles. So to any die hard Beyoncé fan, Florence’s version will most likely irritate them. As for the Florence and The Machine fans, “Halo” displays Florence Welch's emotional and hypnotic singing skill. Florence Welch's singing style is at its core very indie, art-rock type. Florence’s version shows the pain of the piece, while, Beyoncé’s version shows how she can really grab onto the texture and vocals to make them flow perfectly. That’s what make’s Florence’s version so special, she does not try to make the texture flow perfectly she just sings from a bottomless pain that one can feel. These two beautiful but different versions show falling in love this time, is easy, claiming it is like someone special has come from heaven as an angel with love.

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