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Gospel music has been described as spiritual music to help uplift you and overcoming pain and struggles. At the same time, rhythm and blues tells a story of heart ache, finding love and being very emotional. However, both are emotional nonetheless. Despite some differences on the surface, gospel music and R&B are actually lot alike in the sense they constantly reinvent themselves and continue to grow worldwide. Gospel music is very soulful just like R&B and can make you feel good and take you to other place when you hear the music. Gospel can reach a very large audience because there is no style restriction when it comes to this genre. Gospel music has much repetition which was carried over from the days when African Americans could not read. The repetition allowed them to participate in worship. Gospel can be traced back to the 18th century and were called “old negro spirituals” that slaves used to sing in the fields as they worked. There were not many instruments to use in the beginning. Gospel was mostly sung in cappella. The music started to use instruments such as drums, electric guitar, piano and saxophones to add to their sound. Since church was a place of worship for many people, this influenced R&B singers to use the same type of instruments in their music. As gospel started to emerge in the industry it was broken down into different genres such as gospel blues which is a mixture of blues guitar and evangelistic lyrics. There was urban contemporary and Christian country music and it was different because of the sound, lyrics and instruments used. There was much controversy over whether or not this could be considered to be church music because of certain hymns and there were different religions people believed in. Gospel music became very popular when a singer by the name of Mahalia Jackson would touch the hearts of many people with her soulful voice.…...

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