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Music Is Important

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Music is Important.
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August 26, 2010

Music is Important.
Economical problems in the United States have prompted school districts to find ways to lower their budget. A lot of times, these school districts ponder cutting music programs from schools as a way to save money. Some districts view music as being insignificant compared to other curriculums and may not recognize that music can play a role in providing students with a better education. The benefits that come from music programs are too vital to lose from schools. They can help to improve students mentally, emotionally, educationally and can also help promote good leadership skills.
To begin with, music can improve mental abilities in students in a variety of different ways. It is best taught or developed in the early years of their education, beginning in elementary school or even earlier. Those students who are able to get involved in music at this beneficial point in their lives, would be rewarded with a head start to a more successful educational experience. If students partake in music training during this time, it could sharpen their minds by using hand eye coordination, understanding the notes they are hearing, and reading music. The improvements that music has on the mind of students have been researched by many psychologists, scientists, and doctors. Some of these results show that music can increase students’ memories while expanding their creativity and sharpening their reasoning skills, this can help them with problem solving.
The memory proficiency that music programs contribute to students is psychological abilities that reinforce their minds. Music can improve memory skills in numerous ways, such as playing an instrument. By playing an instrument you learn to use muscle memory. The more a student learns and uses muscle memory, the easier it becomes. Another way music...

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