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On Saturday April 26, 2014 the San Diego Sate University Symphony Orchestra preformed at the College Avenue Baptist Church. The ensemble preformed three pieces throughout the concert, first being the prelude from “Parsifal” originally composed by Richard Wagner (1813-1883), Secondly “The Unanswered Question” composed by Charles Ives (1874-1954) and lastly “Karfreitagszauber from Parsifal” composed by Wagner as well. Throughout this paper I will be evaluating each of the three pieces in the manner in which they were preformed.
While preforming the prelude from “Parsifal” the orchestra did a wonderful job in reiterating the musical story that Wagner was trying to convey by reflecting the same fluidity and timbre of the instruments. The string instruments, mainly the violinists were very pronounced throughout the entirety of the song, and through such spotlight were able to maintain Wagner’s vision on how it should be preformed. Along with the string instrument players, the woodwind performers did an excellent job complementing the violinists, matching the harmonies between the two. However, when the composition really wanted to grab your attention the after effect of the vibrato from the brass section combined with the string and woodwind musicians really gave an added emphasis to the overall power of the ensemble as a unit. The next piece, “The Unanswered Question” was my favorite out of the three performances. The slow and quiet timbre from the string groups set the perfect stage for the off pitch non-tonal phrase coming from the solo trumpet player. The two mixed together to form in my opinion a bittersweet sensation, followed by the erratic answer by the woodwind players. Throughout the entirety of the composition both the string section and the solo trumpet player play the exact same chords, however, the woodwind section, or in this case the flutists’...

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