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MTV's entertainment, effective promotions, and messages persuade and influence many types of viewers, giving them a outstanding sense of group identity. In 1981, MTV became one of the first stations to appeal to such a populous audience as the twelve to twenty-four year old age group. The chief operating officer of Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment Company felt that there was "a body of young people being ignored," hence the company designed MTV. Although at first success was hard to see, the MTV network fought off competition by such competitors as the powerful Turner Broadcasting System. "There isn't room for two or three services doing the same thing," commented MTV's Bob Pittman. Later, the MTV network came out with VH1, or Video Hits One, a music station for older viewers, and Nickelodeon, a children's service station.
Most of us can recall the legendary James Brown swift feet and red leather jacket covered with zippers and the sexy style of Madonna. MTV,

nationally publicizes a huge amount of visuals and entertainers, and others like them. The station also promotes an idealized teen lifestyle, reflecting the images of these famous artists, that contrasts with the realities of the Generation X lifestyle. While some view the station as "illustrated radio" or an entertainment network for viewers' pleasure, others more accurately assess it as an advertising enterprise that endorses products and promotes attitudes. The promotion and advertisements that are both hidden in videos and placed in regular slots, influence viewers. Whether or not MTV critics agree with these messages that the network sends out, it has become a huge franchise generating large profits and great popularity. During the 1980's, MTV grew from being strictly a music video station to an original, three-station network that became the choice of several generations of viewers and the advertisers who court them.
These two stations and the original MTV station gave the network a station for an audience of just about any age, satisfying many advertisement agencies. Once the advertisement industry noticed the MTV network's popularity, it became a very desirable sales medium. Advertising agent Kevin Burns explains that "if you're a national advertiser and you buy teens, you're going to buy MTV" .MTV appealed to its viewers by constantly televising popular singers and other role models. A music video endorses many nonmaterial items, as well as material items. Regular inter-program commercials usually promote brands of physical items. However, in music videos with popular singers, messages and images are promoted to the viewer. Videos increase an entertainer's popularity, thus promoting his/her record, producer, type of music.
While the 1980’s carried on, MTV expanded and grew to be the face of pop culture. When you think of pop culture, you think of MTV. This station is a multifaceted network. The network covers all forms of music from pop and hip-hop and moguals, journalist and artist. MTV has the power to expose all aspects of society to mass number of genres of music. It allows ideas from all over the world to become part to our American culture. For example: MTV took hip-hop from the streets of New York City and put it right in the home of suburban America. MTV then followed its musical line up with groundbreaking special programming such as “The Real World”, “Beavis and Butthead” and “Unplugged” to name a few.
As MTV continued to prevail through the 90’s, their credits began to sky rocket! With exposing artist and media journalist to the world ,as Serena Altschul, Kurt Loder, and Tabitha Soren, MTV became more than just music. Airing different campaigns as voting, and fatherhood, this network began to be visual in homes more than any station. The 1990’s was a very impressive year for this station because they tackled worldwide issues and used idols and moguls to protest with them. In 1991, MTV aired the “Feed Your Head” campaign that fought against literacy. This was an issue at the time because the reading and writing rate was so low, that people began to question the value of education. Not only literacy, but they were also the 1st to air voting campaigns on a music based network. How about the “Choose or lose” campaign that was also aired in 1992. Where diffent popular music icons did announcements and shows about the importance of voting. Jay Z, Common, and even the great Tupac was apart of this amazing campaign. Although these ideals seem common today, MTV was one of the 1st to do so, and since then people re use the template. Our president Barak Obama in his 2008 Presidential campaign used the old “Choose or Lose” strategy on MTV and it is said to be a big reason why he is in office today.
Moving forward to present day, MTV has developed a sound brand for the publishing and promoting of great music. The relationship that MTV has built with their personal viewers is second to none. In addition to that, whenever an artist release their new records, and promo material, this network is the 1st to get it and has been the 1st for years. When the rapper Lil Wayne decided to drop his anticipated album entitled “The Carter V” Music Television Network had unreleased visuals, videos and music last year, and they haven’t even released the album yet. Here it becomes evident that MTV remains the #1 source of all music media and content and this will remain for years and years to come.
In conclusion MTV is the peoples brand. The brand that you will grow to genuinely trust! If MTV says it, you better believe it. I trust it, and every one in my demographic. Over the years, this network has changed the way people listen to music, even the great Bill Clinton and Barak Obama use the network. It gives people a chance to view the music culture from another perspective.

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