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Music That Changewd My Life

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Music that changed my Life
Elizabeth Thrush
Kaplan University

The Art of Being Human

As I was growing up as a child I really did not listen to music. The music that I do remember hearing was what my mom and step dad listen to and that was country. By hearing this music it made me feel that I was not alone and that other was going throw what I was going throw. A sad period in my life, I was put in a foster home and my step was a very bad man. When I left my mom was the worst day of my life until I heard a song by Dolly Parton, Coats of many Colors. The lyric of this song really has touched my life for a long time. Thinking of how my life is a reminder of this song.
As a teenager, I listen to rock-n-roll. The hair band like gun-n-rose, Prison and Rat was the one that I listened to the most. I had to dress like them and have that funk like to myself, like the cloths and the big hair. I had no care in the world about my parents I was running wild and having funny. But by doing that I got in trouble a lot. It was a funny time and I love it. I was rebelling against my mom so bad.
When a finish school I got pregnant with my son and trying to listen to the music I real like as a kid gave me a headache, so I start to listen to country. This music real calmed me and relaxes me in a way that I could really relate to it more. My day to day life was just like to songs that I lived. Living my life throws music and personally relationship is how I get throw my day. Looking how I can change my life and my kid’s life. I know by letting my kids be who they are why I have a great family.
The music I associate with comfort would be country, it is very relaxing. These songs help me deal with disappointment and stress knowing that my life will get better in time. Staying on top of life is the way to go in my life staying one step ahead and not letting...

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