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Music in America

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Week 5 Assignment
Randy Green
MUSC 202
June 6th 2013
Instructor: Bill Hughes

1) Why were early silent films not really silent?
These films were not really silent because at the showings of these films there would be live musical performers. The live music would help give the emotion of the film to the audience. The live music would help build up the suspense and create more of an experience for the people who came to see the film.

2) Why was "The Jazz Singer" important?
"The Jazz Singer" was Important because it was considered to be the first commercial film that had sound. This was a huge break through in the film industry. This landmark film "uses Warner Brothers' Vitaphone sound-on-disc technology to reproduce the musical score and sporadic episodes of synchronized speech."

3) How did The Beatles change rock music?
The Beatles changed rock music mainly by the personalities they displayed to the audiences in the United States. During the time they came over to America in 64', Americans were going through the emotions of the Vietnam War. Americans during this time really took to The Beatles fun loving, charming, and funny personalities. They were the first rock band to have a real connection with their audience.

4) What was the Mersey Beat? Beatlemania?
The Mersey Beat was a music publication that began in Liverpool and was the first publication to extensively cover The Beatles. Beatlemainia was a term used to describe the atmosphere the fans of The Beatles created from listening to and seeing their music live. Mainly the female fans would scream and shout and go crazy whenever they heard or saw The Beatles.

5) Why were the Rolling Stones sometimes seen as the anti-Beatles?
The Rolling Stones were sometimes seen as the anti-Beatles because they portrayed a rougher/tougher image than their counterparts. The Rolling Stones went on the...

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