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Biological Sciences 121 – Spring 2013
Section 1 - Course Number 33203

I. Course Information

Prerequisites: BIO 01 and 02

Instructor: Dr. Tom Landerholm, Humboldt 211E, 278-6152, e-mail:

Lectures: Monday and Wednesday 3:00-4:15 pm, Sequoia 301

Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 1:00-2:30 pm, Sequoia 326, or by appointment

Required Textbook: Alberts, et al., Molecular Biology of the Cell. 5th edition. Garland Publishing, Hamden, CT. 2002. The text is available in the bookstore and two copies have been placed on reserve in the library.

Downloadable Course Materials:

1. MySacCT 9.1: 2013 Spring: BIO 121 Molecular Cell Biology – SECTION 01

2. Syllabus and course schedule, outlines, PowerPoint slides, Note-taking sheets, study questions, previous exams as available.


Grades will be based on the result of four midterm exams and a cumulative final exam:

A(-) > 90%, B(+) > 80%, C(+) > 70%, D(+) > 60%, and F < 60%.

Midterm Exam 1 Wednesday 02/13 100 points Midterm Exam 2 Wednesday 03/06 100 points Midterm Exam 3 Wednesday 04/03 100 points Midterm Exam 4 Wednesday 04/24 100 points Midterm Exam 5 Wednesday 05/15 100 points Final Exam Monday 05/20 150 points

Total Points 650

II. Course Policies

Graded Activities:

The Midterm Exams: The semester’s exams are cumulative to date and are worth 100 points. Exams will be taken in class and will require 75 minutes.

The Final Exam: The final exam in Molecular Cell Biology is cumulative and requires two hours.

Make-Up Exam Policy:

If, due to personal illness or emergency, you are unable to take the scheduled exam you must contact me at 278-6152 or leave a message for me in the departmental office at 278-6535 at least 24 hours prior to the exam. No make-up exams will be scheduled without prior notification.

Adding/Dropping the Course:

1. Adding during the first two weeks of class: adds in all courses in the Department of Biological Sciences are completed by the instructor (not through MySacState). Please see me.

2. Dropping during the first two weeks of class: MySacState. Failure to attend at least one of the first two class meetings will result in the instructor administratively dropping you from the class.

3. Adding or dropping during weeks three and four requires a green add-drop petition signed by the instructor and the Department chair at the discretion of the instructor. Petitions may be picked up in the Biological Sciences Department office and are processed in the Department office. February 22nd is the last day to drop this class without a ‘W’ appearing on your transcript.

4. Dropping during weeks five and six requires a white add-drop petition signed by the instructor and the Department chair and the Dean. Petitions may be picked up in the Department office and are processed in Admissions and Records. Such drops result in a ‘W’ on your transcript for the course. Check the Spring 2013 Class Schedule or for more information. There is no such thing as an automatic drop. You are responsible for entering the drop on either MySac State or by petition. Failure to do this could result in a grade of “U” or “F”.

III. Policies on Commitment, Honesty and Conduct

Testing Center: To be allowed to take your exams at the testing center, you must: 1. Register with the Testing Center and bring the Testing Accommodations form to me. 2. Fill out individual exam forms for each exam and turn it in to me no earlier than one week and no later than two days before the actual scheduled exam indicated on the syllabus.

Attendance: Lecture: Attendance is optional (except when exams are given), but very, very highly recommended.

Policy on Dishonesty: An automatic grade of “F” for the exam and possibly the entire course will be given to anyone who cheats on any exam or assignment. If I catch you cheating, if I hear about you cheating, if I suspect that you cheat, YOU WILL EARN a failing grade.

CHEATING includes but is not limited to: 1. Communication between students during an exam. 2. Looking at another student's work. 3. Having written materials out during the exam. 4. Providing answers to another student during exams or quizzes.

Classroom Conduct: 1. Please, be respectful and courteous to everyone in your class... that includes the Instructor, and the person sitting next to you. 2. Turn OFF all cell phones, pagers, and watch alarms. 3. No disruptive behaviors during lecture such as talking, popping gum, dancing, etc. 4. Misconduct will result in your being removed from the class.

Biological Sciences 121 – Spring 2013

Lecture M,W 3:00-4:15, Sequoia Hall 301

Week 1: Jan. 28 Class Business; Fundamental Cell Theory and Taxonomy

Jan. 30 Species Variability and Cellular Genomics

Week 2: Feb. 04 Sources and Regulation of Genetic Change

Feb. 06 The Role of Cells in Multicellular Organisms

Week 3: Feb. 11 Multiple Cell Types in Complex Tissues

Feb. 13 Exam 1

Week 4: Feb. 18 Cell Specialization: Regulation of Transcription

Feb. 20 “ “ “ “

Week 5: Feb. 25 Cell Specialization: RNA and Protein Processing

Feb. 27 “ “ “ “

Week 6: Mar. 04 Protein Structure and Function

Mar. 06 Exam 2

Week 7: Mar. 11 Biological Membranes

Mar. 13 The Cytoskeletal System and Adhesion

Week 8: Mar. 18 “ “ “ “

Mar. 20 Endomembrane System and Intracellular Trafficking

Spring Break: March 25-31

Week 10: Apr. 01 Cesar Chavez Day Holiday

Apr. 03 Exam 3

Week 11: Apr. 08 Review of Signaling System Organization

Apr. 10 Consensus Signal Pathways and Molecules

Week 12: Apr. 15 Integration, Heirarchy and Regulation of Signals

Apr. 17 Signal Pathway Structure Depends on Desired Function

Week 13: Apr. 22 Cellular Movements

Apr. 24 Exam 4

Week 14: Apr. 29 Review of the Mitotic Cell Cycle and Cell Death

May 01 Regulation of Cell Number and Quality During Mitosis

Week 15: May 06 Regulation of Cell Type During Cell Division

May 08 Wound Healing

Week 16: May 13 “ “

May 15 Exam 5

Finals Week M: May 20 3:00 - 5:00pm

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