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Mutual Engagement Case Study

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Mutual Engagement
The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program offers organizational assessment tools for several industries including private businesses, government agencies, health care conglomerates, and non-profit institutions (Pence & Milrany, 2013). Annually, the President of the United States awards the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) to recognize establishments for their quality performance (DeJong, 2009). The United States Coast Guard (USCG) slightly modified the award criteria to meet the needs of the service and make it easily translatable to the men and women referencing the standards, but the foundation remains the same. The Commandant’s Performance Excellence Criteria (CPEC) is a systematic approach to improving
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Coast Guard Leadership Development Center, 2006). The leadership will incorporate the SPO personnel in the planning process, including the members acquired in the merger, to gain support and maximize agreement (Colorado State University – Global Campus, 2016b). Initially, the supervisors will collectively define a SPO mission statement. Next, the entire office will develop the vision by identifying a common theme using a series of legacy-based inquiries (U.S. Coast Guard Leadership Development Center, …show more content…
The USCG’s Pay and Personnel Center (PPC) distributes a monthly SPO newsletter to offices across the service. Furthermore, the Yeoman Rating Force Master Chief releases a quarterly Yeoman newsletter. Both outlets are avenues the SPO leadership can utilize to share the feedback and resulting modifications from the previous category with the organization.
Workforce Focus The SPO’s layout is changing for the merger and with the alteration comes reinforcement of supervisory roles while simultaneously offering junior personnel autonomy. Managers cannot motivate active duty personnel with monetary rewards, nor do those rewards produce continuous top performance (Pink, 2011). To guarantee customer service remains at peak levels without the ongoing oversight of senior leaders, office managers will provide autonomy, mastery, and purpose by empowering the crew to self-govern their office collaterals, schedules, and training (DeJong, 2009; Pink, 2011).

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