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Matt Smith
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30 January 2012

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: A Reinvention of the Shooter Since Activision’s last video game success “Modern Warfare 2” launched in 2009, violence has been used subtly to increase sales. The latest sequel, Modern Warfare 3 has used a variety of minor details to indicate that any gamer that plays it will have ultimate control of the world and what happens in it. The main advertisement was created by Activision’s own Infinity Ward subdivision, Raven Software and Sledgehammer Games. It is well known for reflecting the main idea of the campaign aspect of the game which is, “A single man can change the tide of any war.” This visual’s deep contrast between peaceful and violent aspects drew attention to the idea that whoever is the “strongest” will emerge victorious. This visual depicts a large, blackened soldier holding a large weapon standing in the foreground of a large, white city that also contains various types of military vehicles and personnel. The large silhouette in the foreground establishes a very demanding and overpowering presence compared to the remainder of the military in the image. This overwhelming stance suggests that every decision that is prompted throughout the game directly affects one person. Since the large character is filled in with black, the large weapon and the plethora of his side arms become clearly visible. This showcase of the soldier’s arsenal shows off his toughness and the brutality he can deal in any situation. With all of his weapons shown off and the apparent lack of color in the main character, may suggest that the protagonist can only solve his problems through violence. The absence of personal attachment and emotion makes internal feelings nonexistent and focus on violence more prominent. In the underlying city, a plethora of different “modern” buildings appear to be crumbling to the ground which could mean the world is engulfed in a fully developed global conflict. Around the bottom of the large soldier is swirling debris, which all originates around the soldier himself. This debris suggests that this worldwide war is related to his previous actions and all the results of the war rest on his shoulders. Aside from the underlying city and the overwhelming command presence, the clouds above the silhouette, appear to be forming breaks within, which could mean peace is on the horizon if the protagonist can make the right decisions. While there are aspects of this picture that suggest peace, every other element in the image makes peace seem impossible without the use of violence. When Activision’s subdivisions first drafted this image, the original intent was to appeal to a more masculine audience between the ages of eighteen to thirty years old and those of which found shooting games fun and the challenge it presents. Using all the military weapons, knives, tanks, soldiers, and karma based choices, Activision tapped into a realm of violence that most video game players wouldn’t experience in reality. When gamers start playing Modern Warfare 3, the game instantly puts the player into a position that grants them the chance to make decisions that influence the outcome of the entire game and what happens after. This assumption of power makes the player feel that the role they serve is most important, and can be very appealing if the player makes the right decisions and emerges victorious. The more the player wins, the more hungry he or she becomes for more chances to take control. This “godly” power of control and stunning graphics are used to market the game better. Activision, since the launch of Modern Warfare 3 has gained up to thirty million users. (Takahashi)
After analyzing the visual in depth, I have realized that the artists that drafted the advertisement used subtle changes of lighting, color, contrast, and precedence to convey certain thoughts and actions that would help make the game seem more appealing to Activision’s audience. At first, this visual did not seem all that violent, but after looking at the distinct features closer, the suggestive violent content is clearly one of Activision’s major selling points.

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