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My 3 Day Food Intake

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Overcrowded Prisons Brittany Hobson Eng/147 Feb 23, 2015 University of Phoenix Overcrowded Prisons Thousands of innocent people are accused of crimes that were not committed. Some of the accused were in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, our prisons are overcrowded. Innocent people shouldn’t be sent to prison. He are she could have been framed by the guilty person. People are given lengthy prison sentences. Least dangerous people should not get long prison sentences. “Eliminating the least dangerous offenders is helping to free up space in overcrowded prisons.”(America’s Prisons, 2006) Meanwhile, the violent criminals should remain locked up. (America’s Prisons, 2006) Also they should get the right amount of time for there crimes. In addition, non-violent prisoners are sent to prison for non-violent crimes. Some people break the laws just to have a place to stay. But 55 percent of those in the federal system are there for petty drug offenses. (America’s Prisons, 2006) I believe that non-violent drug offenders should get treatment instead of time in prison. Violent criminals that harm innocent people deserve time in prison. **Optional: If you have written a fourth body paragraph, place it here. Delete this text if you did not write a fourth body paragraph. References Engdahl, S. (2010). Preface to Are Too Many People Being Sent to Prison?. Prisons, (),.Retrieved from sWindow Felman, J. E. (2006). Mandatory Minimum Sentence should be Repealed. America's Prison, (),.Retrieved from ailsWindow 1 2 3

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...Food Intake—5 Days Krista Zahn SCI/220 January 29, 2013 Richard Kantner Food Intake—5 Day Over the last five days I have been using the iProfile to track my food and nutrient intake, as well as become educated on certain daily intakes, nutrients, and diseases. This iProfile tracks and correlates my food journal and activity journal, by then configuring the results into many reports. I then used these reports for the findings in the following paper, Food Intake—5 Day. The foods in my recorded daily intake that provide protein are: whole wheat toast, burgers, roast beef sandwiches, sausage, quesadillas, chicken wrap, and my daily supplements. The foods that provide carbohydrates are: roast beef sandwiches, French fries, tomatoes, quesadillas, chicken wrap, and soda. The foods that provide lipids are: roast beef sandwiches, sausage, burgers, fish tacos, onion rings, and eggs. After reviewing my recorded protein, carbohydrate, and lipid intake compares with the recommendations of the dietary reference intake (DRI), my results are as follows: Calories recommended: 2430, calories intake is 1255. My recommended in Fat Total is 20 - 35%, my intake is 686 kCal. My recommended in Carbohydrates 45 - 65%, my intake is 370 kCal. My recommended protein is 10 - 35%; my actual intake is 221 kCal. I am over acceptable macronutrient distribution range in my fat totals, under acceptable macronutrient distribution range in carbohydrates, and within acceptable......

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...This worksheet is to be typewritten, saved as a pdf., and uploaded to Canvas under the “Assignment 2: personal diet analysis” assignment. In addition to this worksheet, you are to upload the following to Canvas as part of your assignment: the exact same "Food Groups & Calories Report" that you turned in for Assignment 1, uploaded as a pdf; the exact same "Nutrients Report” that you turned in for Assignment 1, uploaded as a pdf; the exact same "Physical Activity Report(s)" that you turned in for Assignment 1, uploaded as a pdf. For this first question, you will need a copy of your "Food Groups & Calories Report" from your three-day food recall that you entered into SuperTracker. This is the exact same report you turned in for Assignment 1. Question #1: Using the Food Groups & Calories report, fill out this table | Food group | How many servings you actually ate: | How many servings you were supposed to eat: | How do you compare? | Grains | 9 ½ ounces | 10 ounces | above X within below | Fruits | 1 cup | 2 ½ cups | above within X below | Vegetables | 1 ½ cup | 4 cups | above within X below | Dairy | 3 ¾ cups | 3 cups | above X within below | Protein Foods | 22 ½ ounces | 7 ounces | X above within below | Question #2: How does inadequate fruit & vegetable consumption impact both our short-term & long-term health? (Check out Chapter 2 in your 2ed & 3ed textbook for more information). Answer in complete sentences. There are both...

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