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Date: April 7, 2014
Subject: Application for the position of Campaign Management Trainee
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Dear Ms Li,

In response to your advertisement for a campaign management trainee posted at on April 8, 2014.

I am interested in the position of Campaign Management Trainee. As I am studying in business management and my specialty is business management. The position of management trainees will get opportunity for advancement and learning to me, so I want to learn more about management knowledge and practice what I learned. Moreover, I believe that Appco Group Company will provide a successful path and training to their trainees and making their management trainees becomes the member of management team in the future.

I worked as a sale for Lux Fashion Store, I responsible for promote the latest product to the customers, through face to face communication with customers, I learnt how to meet our customers’ request and provide better customer service. Hence, I believe that I can handle conduct face-to-face presentations, promote brand identity as well. Moreover, through cooperating with colleagues, I understood how to maintain a good team interaction and inspirit. Therefore, I am confident that I can perform very well in this position as my experience and knowledge will be let me handle that easily.

In terms of skills, besides the Microsoft office Suite and English and Chinese word processing, I am also proficient in command spoken skills. Because, I was also contact with clients or solve their problem when I worked in Lan Kwai Fong Holding Limited. So, I got well Putonghua and English command spoken skills and Manage post-sales customer service must need this skill very well. These skills should be helpful to the completion of my responsibilities.

I would be...

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