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My Approach to Writing

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My Approach to Writing
By: Michael Czeczeli

My goals for this course are fairly simple. My biggest goal for this course is to learn how to write a paper and get my point across without going overboard with run- on sentences and un-needed info. In my career field it’s going to be very important to be able to get my point across with minimal errors and mistakes. Another goal of mine is to learn to overall like writing. When I first started school I couldn’t stand writing papers or sending emails, but since that is the biggest line of communication today I need to learn to love it. I plan on using my writing in many different ways. One major way I plan on using writing is sending emails and letters to customers and employees at work. I hope to be a General Manager or at least Assistant General Manager of a major company or corporation after graduation. I plan to also use my writing throughout my college career. My college career is looking to be a long one since I plan to continue until I receive my masters’ degree in business. A really big use of my writing will be helping my daughters as they journey through school over the years to come.
When I set out to write an academic paper I usually set a few goals for myself. The major goal for me is to insure that the reader gets all the information that is intended for them. I want to make sure that they fully understand where I’m coming from without drawing it out too much. Sometimes I have problems with run-on sentences and not putting punctuation marks where they belong. So my next goal is usually to minimize these errors in my writings. My last small goal is to just make sure my paper is an overall good, understandable paper.
Some of the biggest challenges I face when writing to others is making errors and being afraid of not writing an intelligent looking paper. I always get nervous that the reader will...

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