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My Aspect on Being "Normal"

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We’re 7 million people sharing the earth. But how many are considered “normal”? When are people considered abnormal? Can a little thing as being born with a finger less, make you the black sheep in the classroom? Is it even possible to be normal?
Today we’re 7 million people on the earth. Some have different skin colours, some are shorter and weaker than others and some a simply smarter. But none of these things matters in the real life. For example let’s say you’re very weak and not as high as the other boys in the classroom, but you are very smart. In the future, you would have a brilliant job. And some girls actually prefer smart boys over a strong and stupid one.
But then again, some people say if you’re born with a noticeable disability, you would be considered abnormal. But I can prove that wrong. Let’s say that you’re on an institution for people who have a mental disability. You would be considered normal amongst those people. But if you’re in a regular class room they would consider you the abnormal one. And to prove it, let’s say that you’re a regular boy. You went over to visit a friend on the institution for people who have a mental disability. At the institution you would be the considered abnormal.
Can any people actually be considered abnormal? Well that depends on how wide you think of the word “normal”. The truth is, we all live on the same earth, and even tho some have different skin colour, we all originate from the same race. Therefore you can’t say anyone is abnormal. It all depends on how you think of the concept “being normal”.
Fact is that there’s no such thing as being normal. It’s simply a very wide word. It all depends on where you live on the earth. Or what kind of place you live at. Every country has their own way of being normal. Religion and traditions can have a huge influence. Therefore we’re all abnormal. We think differently, and have a different shape. The truth is no one is normal.

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