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18 November 2013
Antigone Essay:
Theme: Wisdom vs. Power
There are a lot of themes in the story of Antigone, but the theme, wisdom vs. power portrays the story the best. The writer Sophocles reminds me of Shakespeare, and includes figurative language just like Shakespeare, but of course isn’t as good as him. This story took place in a city called Thebes, where Creon, Antigone, Haemon, Polynieces, and many more live.
Creon is the King of Thebes and this theme is basically based off of him and the way he does things. He has to find a way to choose a ruler, and how he/she should govern Thebes. Creon is a tough ruler because of his loyalty to Thebes, but he will not let his family come over his decisions on what to do with the city. His nephew, Polynieces was a big traitor to Thebes, and hated the fact that his uncle was king and used to disagree on everything Creon had to say.
Antigone does not like Creon as a ruler, because she thinks he can’t solve issues the town has. Creon does not care what Antigone has to say about him because he sees her as a threat to his power. In the story Antigone says,” If he cannot rule his own house, how can we expect him to rule Thebes?”(Lines 658-662)
The son of Creon, Haemon also disagrees to what his father says. Haemon tries to break this disagreement by bringing up general understandings of how his father runs Thebes. Thebes is not like Athens, it is not a democracy, so it needs the support of the people. Haemon also helps his father despite the fact that he hates him, because Haemon does not want Creon to fail as a ruler, but Creon does not appreciate his help and ignores him constantly.
Creon is always urging to be obedient even though his own son accuses him of what he says. Antigone wants Creon to pick her as a ruler because she thinks that everything she does the people of Thebes will approve. Antigone…...