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Since I have nothing to relate to this book, the experience I had while reading this book was incredible. While reading the book, I gained knowledge that can be used for a lifetime. The novel made me stop and think about my attitude and the impact it has on others. Jay Asher is a fabulous writer that explains reality in a convincing way. He uses such precise detail that I often connect with the situations included. I finished this novel in 4 days, meaning that it was almost impossible to set it down, alongside all of the things I have. The setting, plot, and characters were phenomenal. Although this book was breathtaking, I was disappointed to see that Hannah Bakers parents were not involved. I was left questioned at whether her parents were able to bear the grief and sadness.

The marvelous novel of Thirteen Reasons Why is written by Jay Asher. They say dead girls don’t talk, but that’s where they’re wrong. They talk, but most people are too scared to listen. Hannah’s dead. Two weeks after Hannah Baker’s death, Clay Jensen hears her voice one last time-on a “Baker’s dozen” of cassette tapes she made. Seven double side tapes with thirteen stories of thirteen people-thirteen people who killed her. Clay was mailed Hannah’s obscure suicide note because he's one of the reasons that she died. That she killed herself, one of the reasons she gave up. On the tapes she explained that her death started with a rumor and the reputation the rumor gave her, highlighting the connections between each of her thirteen listeners had with each other. Hannah explains how they slowly crushed her hope, and with it her will to live. The tapes hold some of their darkest secrets, and they must pass them on for fear that Hannah will be good on her threat-that the second copy of the tapes will be publicly released. Clay is shown her pain, following the map he was mysteriously given-the map…...

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