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My Best Friend

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Royal Road,

Dear Reena,

It is an immense pleasure to know that you are coming to Mauritius on Thursday 24 March 2016 at 13 hr. I am very glad that I will meet you after ten years but unfortunately I will not be able to come to pick you at the airport as my left leg has been broken and it is causing a real pain.

For the mean time, I am bed ridden and luckily my mother is taking great care of me. She is doing all the house chores alone and feel downhearted that I am not able to move a step further. My mother is very happy to welcome you and we have accommodated a room for you at my place.

Arriving at the airport, after verification of your luggage, you will have to hire a taxi which will take you directly to Mahebourg and then explain the driver that on the motorway he will come across a shop named Kalachand, he will have to turn left on this direction and continue to drive straight till he will arrive to the last lane and just turn right and at the end of the road on the left side you will see a big white house which means that you have arrived at your destination. I know it is difficult but don’t worry you will arrive safe and sound at my place and if ever you have lost the way then just ask someone to show you the right path.

I am very sorry for not coming to fetch you but still will wait for you desperately.

With love,

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