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My Big Boy

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My Big Boy
Timeka Butler
ENG 125
Carolyn Karas
July 21,2014

MY BIG BOY 2 The author is telling you that the parents are afraid of the child walking to school by himself. They didn’t want the child to do this they were afraid that he would get into trouble or get taking. They didn’t want him to grow up and be a big boy. They also tell you about the process of letting her son grow up and accomplish this task on his own. So, we are learning how the a parent has to let go and let the child grow up. The theme of the poem is about parents is that they want let my their son grow up and wont let him do thing for his self. The parents are hesitant about their son walking to school and they follow him in the distance as he walk to school. They do this after he leaves for school they follow him to see why do he want to walk to school by himself. He is “semi-alone” this means that he shows freedom and responsibility to walk to school each morning. The parents are not happy about the situation and don’t want anything to happen to him. The next thing that I will talk about is the two literary works that describe the story of the Red Hat. The first literary work that I seen in the poem is symbolism. The first symbolism is “Parallel paths part”( Clugston,2014). This is where the parents let him part way and let him go to school on his own. They do not notice what makes him want to walk alone. The other symbolism is “already ties are feeling and not fact”(Clugston,2014). These meaning that the author is trying to put out is that the connection and bond between the parents are no longer concrete. This...

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