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My family have always been supported of me when I wanted to further my education in college and agreed to help me in any way they can. From my whole family I believe that my mother, Noemi Vasquez is the one that inspire me the most. She is one who always told me to get a better education since she knew that it can help me have a better life. For as long as I can remember my mother was always working hard and sometimes late at night to the point where I wouldn't see her that much during the day. She knew it was hard work but she did so that my brother, sister and I can have a better life then she did back in her country. She was born in San Miguel in El Salvador and really lived in a poor family. She had many brothers and sisters and it was hard for my grandparents to feed and give them all that they needed. When she graduated high school she wanted to go to America and work there to help my grandparents and live on her own so she went and applied to become a resident of the US. When she came to the US she knew that she need to find a career that can help her family and have a stable way of living and my mother had some idea that retail can be a good place to start. As I grew up she always say to take advantage of this wonderful country that is full of opportunity and make a career that I will love. She worked in many places and she now works in Burlington coat factory which she helped me get my first job there. She taught me a lot of new things and helped me get settled in retail. She was always helping me with any problems that I had and told me to ask her any questions and she would answer them. When it was time for me to go to a different job she wasn't worried knowing that I would be great in any place I go to. My mother tried her best to help when I applied to college and was with me when I went to DeVry College of New York.
As the years goes by she stills has high hopes that I will be a manager as I always wanted and know that I can have a better life. I can’t imagine that I would be in retail is it wasn't for my mother; she taught me so much and showed me the world of retail. I love my mother so much and she worked so hard for my siblings have a better opportunity in getting a better education and help get an easier job. If there are some hard decisions that I need help with my mother can always tell me what is best or tell me that whatever decision I make she will support it. I love retail and I know that I got that way because of my mother and I thank her for it every day.

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