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My Chosen Career

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Essay for My Chosen Career

Essay for My Chosen Career

Throughout this paper I would like to discuss the required steps to achieving my chosen career as a Network Administrator. The decisions I make during my time in school will have a great impact in my success. Training: Enrolled in ITT-Tech I have made the decision to further my education and pursue a path to a new career. Having this opportunity has opened a door that has been closed to me for a long time. Taking on this responsibility I must complete all assignments on time and get good grades in my academics. After being approved to enroll in college next came the burden of financing my education as well as maintaining my personal finances. First I spoke with a loan officer to get approved for any Loans and/or Grants that I may qualify for. Then for my personal finances I’ve found ways to cut down on my spending, save as much as I can, and live within a budget. Last but not least is to find time for my classes and schedule time for homework and assignments. Keeping a planner makes it easier to keep track of my daily activities and schedule my appointments around my class schedule. Another way I can have extra time is to keep my vehicle in good running condition and keeping it current and up to date. To me the only way to earn a higher level of income is to obtain a higher level of education and continued education. If you are thinking that you would like to further your career and increase your income then take time to decide what steps and sacrifices must be made to achieve your success. After certain circumstances in my life, I was forced to find a new career at the age of forty-two. The field of work that I was in involved a lot of labor and heavy lifting. Also, I had developed a poor criminal record, so I really don’t have a good background check, and having no...

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