My College Life

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In college, it's time to strap down and get to work. There's really no room for error. Classes are spread out throughout the week, and I often have much down time. There is a lot of work and it is crammed into a short period. It is up to me to know when to eat lunch, and it is up to me when to study. It is also my decision to fill that time where I am not studying or doing work with productive things.

Many people go on to college to further not only their education, but to broaden their horizons. College is a completely new experience with many unique aspects that can change and help define one's life. Many people love college, and find it to be a new beginning. It is a new opportunity to define myself as an individual. I can establish a new image, because everyone is looking to do the exact same thing.

The first few weeks on campus with a new school I feel that extraordinarily daunting. It’s hard to keep track of all the new places, people, and rules. So I feel that the first two weeks on campus and the most important things is to get to know the surroundings of college. I have a car, and I will use it and drive around the campus. Take the schedule and drive past the buildings I have classes in. Get a feel for the distance I will have to travel and the amount of energy it will take me and therefore how much time to give myself to get to each class. Now, I must things to learn the location of disability centre, health clinic, pharmacy (on campus or off), bus stops if I am using provided transportation, my class buildings and the bathrooms closest to my classrooms, elevators, ramps if I am using a wheelchair or avoiding stairs, the advisor’s office/building, dining halls/options.

On the other hand, high school and college are very different. Like I said before, they are two completely different worlds. In high school, everything is regimented and told what to…...